Within the European Union (EU) waste from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) is subject to legislation designed to encourage appropriate treatment measures and thereby minimise the amount of untreated waste disposed of in landfill sites, or by incineration. The objective of the WEEE Directive is to preserve, protect and improve the quality of the environment, and requires that Producers of electronic equipment (after 13th August 2005) take responsibility for the collection, re-use, recycling and treatment of WEEE which they place on the EU market. Genie Access Limited is fully committed to its environmental responsibilities and wishes to inform our customers about our WEEE policy.

Take Back Policy

To comply with the EU WEEE Directive, the UK government has implemented the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations 2006 (Statutory Instrument 2006 No. 3289). Genie Access Limited provides a product take back process to cover, treatment, recovery and disposal of all electrical and electronic equipment sold to our business customers (B2B) in the European Union on and after the 13TH August 2005. Genie Access also provides a take back service for “like for like” electrical and electronic equipment as part of any new sale; where “like for like” is defined as any brand of equipment being replaced by new Genie Access equipment that provides the same basic function. Items being returned under the take back scheme should be despatched or delivered to Genie Access 28-days of purchase.

Labelled WEEE

If you’ve purchased electrical or electronic products from Genie Access in the UK (on and after 13th August 2005) and are intending to discard these products at the end of their useful life, make sure they are not disposed of with household waste. All Access electrical and electronic products are labelled with the WEEE label (crossed out wheelie bin symbol) to alert our customers that products bearing this label should not be disposed of in landfill, or with household waste. Genie Access provides facilities for the treatment and recycling of its electrical and electronic products, which are available to all its B2B customers.
For electrical and electronic products, which are at the end of their useful life and need to be delivered or collected, dismantled for reuse or recycling and treated, Genie Access requests you return them in the following manner:

Firstly, please call us on +44(0)1707 330541 to request a WEEE RMA. Then return the product(s) to Genie Access – they must be correctly labelled with the WEEE RMA number clearly marked on the external packaging, be sufficiently protected and limited in overall weight to 20Kgs per package – Unit 3 Gunnels Wood Park, Gunnels Wood Road, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, SG1 2BH.

If you’re unable to deliver the WEEE to our facility or have no shipping facilities of your own we can arrange a competitively priced collection.

Historical WEEE

Historical waste is defined as electrical and electronic equipment purchased prior to 13th August 2005.

The WEEE Directive does not legislate that Genie Access should process “end of life” historical WEEE unless it’s being replaced by new Genie Access equipment on a “like for like” basis. This “end of life” WEEE should be appropriately recycled by its owner using proper treatment and recycling measures. It should not be disposed of in landfill.

Genie Access can assist with such disposals but will apply a management fee for doing so.