Morgado Plant Hire

Morgado Plant Hire Case Study

Based in Durban, South Africa,  ‘Morgado Plant Hire’ is one of the country’s largest plant hire company’s.  Operating for over 40 years, the company’s reputation for excellence has seen it grow from strength to strength, boasting over 220 machines and low beds in operation across Southern Africa

The Challenge

In early 2014, the company started noticing significant discrepancies in fuel consumption throughout the fleet

An internal investigation soon uncovered huge financial losses relating to the use of Diesel. It became apparent the amount of fuel being used could not have been consumed under the normal operational parameters of the plant it was intended for. Morgado Plant needed a system which would allow them to track and see what was going on with their fleet 24/7 and hopefully get to the root of the problem.







Pic-2-Morgado1The Solution

Morgado spoke to Eduardo at EBS – a local agent of Genie CCTV equipment who specified Mobile Genie DVRs (MVR 400) with miniature Vandal Dome cameras (GMC3CHIR) to carry out the covert surveillance. The Genie DVR provided detailed recording as well as accurate location coordinates on Google maps, while allowing live remote connectivity at all time

The Result

The findings matched initial suspicions; over 10 delivery drivers were convicted of fuel theft, and were subsequently fired and prosecuted. Genie equipment is now standard in every Morgado Plant Hire delivery vehicle,  supporting the organisation in tackling crime and monitoring driving standards thus saving the business any further financial loss.

“The reliability and robustness of the Genie equipment really impressed me. Taking into account the amount of money we were loosing in stolen fuel, the equipment has already payed for itself. We have now decided to implement Genie equipment on all our fleet vehicles to combat crime and create a safer working environment”- Neli Morgado D’Almeida- Member