Genie Leasing

At Genie, we have partnered with Tower Leasing to offer our customers the option to lease their security systems as an alternative to an outright purchase.

Tower Leasing have been offering asset finance agreements for over 27 years and together, we can give you the option to lease the equipment your business needs whilst enjoying some fantastic benefits.

Benefits to You

  • Make it easier for your customers to buy from you – by offering them the option to pay for your equipment on manageable monthly rentals.
  • Payment within 48 hours – When the equipment has been installed and providing we have all of the correct completed documentation, you will be paid within 48 hours. Surely that has to be better than waiting to be paid for an extra 28 days.
  • Increase your chances of agreeing a sale – By providing your customers with more options of how they buy from you, lease finance and cash purchase, it is likely that your customers will consider both, rather than simply rejecting one there and then.
  • Protect your customer base – Tower will let you know if your customers’ intend to settle their finance agreement for your equipment as they could be going to your competitors to upgrade the system.
  • Retain your customers – At any point during your customer finance agreement they can upgrade the security system with you, simply by restructuring the schedule of rentals. A lease lasts from 2 to 5 years, giving you time to build strong relationships with your customers.

Benefits to your Customers

  • Spread the cost of paying for your security system. You don’t pay your staff two to five years in advance, why do the same with your security system.
  • Keep your profits in the business by being able to offset 100% of the lease rentals against your corporation tax.
  • Keep cash within your business and avoid investing in a depreciating asset.
  • Enjoy the fixed and structured payments that fit in with your budgetary allowances.
  • Have your security system today and not when your budget allows for it.
  • Stay safer by keeping up to date with the latest security systems.