Industrial Deployment Site

Industrial Site Deployment Case Study

The Challenge

Recently a large Petroleum company with numerous sites began their upgrade process to replace their current CCTV system. Being situated on an island in the Indian Ocean and exposed to tropical climate from humidity to rain , their current CCTV system couldn’t cope with the harsh environmental challenges being presented. The company was faced with constant system failures, a lack of technical support and high corrosion rate on the installed cameras.

The Solution

RPT36MIR Series : Raptor True Day/Night Vandal Resistant IR Ruggedised Marine PTZ Cameras

RPT36M Series : Raptor True Day/Night Vandal Resistant Ruggedised Marine PTZ Camera

Genie CCTV reviewed the companies requirements and in conjunction with their local installer proposed Genie’s Raptor Range of CCTV Cameras. Known for its reliability, ruggedness and marine grade camera housing finish, the Raptor PTZ (RPT36M) was the ideal solution to operate in demanding environment.

The Result

Genie equipment is now a standard part of every site, as the solution plays a key role in supporting the organisation mission of ensuring the security of petroleum supply to its customers.

“Reliability and functionality in a challenging environment are critical for our day to day operations. The Genie equipment has impressed us with its quality and robustness.” 

Company Chief Operating Officer-