Car Park Management

 The Challenge

A high security facility near London required a ANPR as a possible solution for their challenging car park management needs. Their site has around 1500 users competing for spaces and often found that the on-site car parks were full when they shouldn’t have been, which meant authorised visitors were struggling to park their vehicles. A Genie GANPR system was recommended that would allow each user category individual access periods ensuring the car parks are used accordingly to the site management rules.

The Solution

GANPRCAM/D2C (High Resolution)

Genie GANPR Camera

With an entrance and exit at each of their two car parks, a multi-lane ANPR system was installed with four GANPR Cameras adjacent to each of their existing entrance and exit barriers.

The cameras were then connected to Genie’s ANPR PC in the Security Gate House which runs Genie LIVE, Genie’s ANPR software. From here the on-site Security Manager is now able to control and monitor all car park traffic and use the ANPR system to provide an extra layer of security.

Through the use of a database made up of different groups (Staff, Visitors & Contractors) all with different access times, the ANPR system ensures that vehicles can only enter the car park during their designated times. Categories or individuals such as a visitor or contractor can be given permanent access or a temporary virtual permit allowing specific access times and with an expiry time and date.

The Result

This site now has complete control of their car park and can interactively monitor all vehicles entering and exiting the site. As well as granting access to those vehicles they do want on site, Genie LIVE can also provide a security alert for any vehicle with a customised message.