Genie Eco Ltd. – Mobile Surveillance with Rapid Deployment

Whether it’s for watching over outbuildings, festival events or engineering sites, monitoring vulnerable remote locations is made easier with the Genie Eco Mobile Surveillance Trailer.

Initial developments for the mobile surveillance trailer began in early 2015, with British-born CCTV equipment manufacturer and Distributor – Genie CCTV. Known for their innovations in product development and new CCTV Technologies, Genie built the first Solar & Hydrogen powered prototype which debuted at IFSEC. Throughout 2015/2016 further developments were made to the prototype, along with a mutual partnership with TCP (Taylor Construction Plant Ltd), bringing their ability of supplying the UK with exceptional construction, lighting and compaction equipment.


TCP Logo


Phil Clarke, a pioneer in Mobile CCTV installation; became another vital technical solutions contributor to the Prototype Mobile Trailer. With the wealth of experience within Genie CCTV and TCP Ltd and contribution from Phil, the three parties created Genie Eco Ltd. spearheading the Mobile CCTV Trailer business with fresh impetus in environmentally friendly Mobile CCTV Surveillance.

Genie Eco


Genie Eco Ltd provides two versions of the Mobile CCTV trailer that launched in 2016. The two Mobile CCTV units now come as a 110/220 mains unit and a, Mains and Hydrogen Gas powered unit. Using Hydrogen as a source of clean, renewable and accessible energy is quickly becoming universally acknowledged and recognised as a viable alternative to diesel. Offering a low cost operation using Hydrogen Gas bottles that produce up to 2 weeks operation off grid makes this product not only a true alternative but also an environmentally challenging solution in a variety of applications. Hydrogen Gas bottles allow for a  safer and easier fuel replenishment method by only requiring one person to replenish Hydrogen gas bottles and no tools being used, compared to diesel or petrol run generator units. The eco design of the trailer means it is virtually silent in operation, dramatically reducing the impact on the environment and built up areas where local residents may be affected. Providing efficient energy with 0% emissions from point of delivery makes the Genie Eco Mobile CCTV Trailer one of the most eco-friendly surveillance solutions in the market today.


Trailer mast with 360° Camera and Detectors

Both units can be fitted with either a 360º Degree High Definition Pan Tilt and Zoom camera (Pictured) or, with four fixed Mega Pixel cameras. Fitted onto a Hydraulic Tower Mast that can reach up to 9 metres in height. The Mobile CCTV trailer offers the client the assurance of 24/7 commercial monitoring for out of hours security monitoring, with 4 Radio motion detectors fitted to the mast giving early detection to site intrusions. Additional Radio detectors from the same manufacturer are able to be added, giving site owners the benefit to extend their detection zones within a 100 metre radius of the Mobile CCTV Trailer. The 3G/4G Dual SIM telecommunications Router will transmit the camera video transmission from the site to the Monitoring station where intrusions are monitored and acted upon and transacted.


The Eco Mobile Surveillance Trailer is designed to be deployed quickly and easily to remote locations as the complete Trailer weighs under 750kg and thereby not requiring any towing licensed personnel to transport the Trailer. This also offers great benefits to the site owner, if they required to move the trailer around the site at urgent notice. Offering a separate customer control monitoring service (optional), with secure remote monitoring being accessible from your own handset with the free smart phone app, or monitoring via a tablet/PC, this makes an unbeatable system that adds ease and flexibility to the end user’s needs.



For more information on our Mobile CCTV Trailer and other products, please call us on

01707 330 541 or you can email one of our representatives:

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Virdi by Genie

New Two Year Product Warranty on Virdi Products!

Genie are proud to announce that a two year warranty period is now offered on all Virdi products.


Customers will now benefit from a full two year warranty on our Virdi product range. The new warranty applies to purchases made on 1st April 2017 onwards. Here at Genie we always strive to bring you high quality products and we are proud to announce that any product in the Virdi range, including our CPNI approved AC5000; is now covered by a two year warranty.


Virdi Warranty


“Genie has built its reputation on delivering the best possible products and service for its customers and this extended warranty reflects our commitment to the delivery of excellence. Showing a clear demonstration of Genie’s ability to ensure that our products deliver maximum performance for customers throughout their working life.”

John Boorman – Sales and Marketing Director

The new warranty period takes effect from 1st April 2017. For further information on Genie’s warranty periods please visit our customer information page here.

This announcement follows on from our warranty extension on our flagship WISH range products back in January. As we intend to provide exceptional service to our customer base. To know they can count on our commitment to ensuring our product’s operational continuity – today, tomorrow and well into the future.

New Hard Drives

Genie Launches New 8TB & 10TB Hard Drives

We are proud to announce that we are expanding our hard drive range, with 8TB & 10TB Hard Drives now available. The hard drives are provided by Seagate, from their Skyhawk Surveillance range. Built to keep systems in the field longer and reduce the need for post-deployment support.

The new Hard drives allow up to 10k+ Hours of HD video, using 35% less power, whilst supporting twice as many cameras. Designed for Genie’s various Network and Digital Video Recorders, for vigilant surveillance.

The New Hard Drives Mean You Can Have a…


Genie Eco’s Mobile Surveillance Trailer Heads to Railtex

Genie Eco’s Mobile Surveillance Trailer will be showcased at Railtex – The international Exhibition of Railway Equipment, Systems and Services.


The event will be taking place at the NEC in Birmingham, from Tuesday 9th May – Thursday 11th May. With Keynote speeches, seminars and discussion forums with industry experts across the three days. Genie Eco Ltd. With our supplier TCP showcasing the Genie Eco Surveillance Trailer, on Stand V11. With representatives on site to offer live demos and answer any queries.



Using 4 fixed Mega Pixel cameras or a 360º Degree High Definition Pan Tilt and Zoom camera on the Hydraulic Tower of the Mobile Surveillance Trailer, offers the client the assurance of 24/7 commercial monitoring for out of hours security monitoring of detection activated situations. With a low cost operation by using Hydrogen Gas bottles offering 2 weeks operation off grid. Safe and easy fuel replenishment using Hydrogen Gas bottles, compared to Diesel or Petrol run Generator units. We believe the Mobile Surveillance Trailer is ideal for rail monitoring so are very excited to be putting in front of the industry’s leading managers and engineers.


Keeping an eye on rail tracks, engineer projects or vulnerable remote locations is made easier with closed circuit television, and mobile units add flexibility to the mix. Secure remote monitoring can be accessed from your own handset with our free smartphone app, making this an unbeatable system. Our team will be pleased to talk to visitors at Railtex about what it can do for them.

It’s FREE to attend if you register in advance! We hope you will be able to join us as this is an event you do not want to miss. To find out more info register here.


NSI Meet Us Genie

Genie Heads To NSI Installer Summit 2017

Genie will be heading to the NSI Installer Summit, offering live demonstrations of our latest Access Control solutions and Network IP product range.

The event will be taking place at the NEC in Birmingham, on Thursday 30th March. With presentations from industry experts throughout the day. Be sure to visit Genie on Stand 39, situated in the Vox Conference Centre. We’ll be showcasing products from our latest Access Control Solutions including Virdi Biometrics along with our latest H.265 products from our Network IP range.

It’s FREE to attend if you register in advance! We hope you will be able to join us as this is an event you do not want to miss, with presentations from industry peers and experts giving insight on the latest NSI news and industry best practices. To find out more info register here.

NSI Meet us at the Summit

WISH Product Range

New Three-Year Product Warranty on Wish IP and AHD Products.

Genie are proud to announce a new three-year product warranty on our WISH IP and AHD Products.

Customers will now benefit from a full 3-year warranty on our flagship WISH CCTV product range, available in AHD and IP. The new warranty applies to purchases made on 1st January 2017 onwards. This extended, comprehensive warranty period is one of the ways that Genie intends to provide exceptional service to its customer base. To know they can count on our commitment to ensuring our WISH range’s operational continuity – today, tomorrow and well into the future.

Genie Wish Range

 “We are naturally very pleased to be able to extend the warranty period on our proven WISH ranges of IP and AHD systems”

John Boorman- Sales and Marketing Director

For further information on Genie’s warranty information, click here.

CPNI Approved AC5000SC

Genie’s Virdi AC5000 Fingerprint System is Now Approved for UK Government Use

Genie announced today that its flagship biometric fingerprint authentication system – VIRDI AC5000SC – is now approved for UK government use. For more information please contact the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI).


The system is networkable or standalone, and will be included in CPNI’s trusted Catalogue of Security Equipment (CSE).

“We are pleased to hear that the our widely popular Fingerprint Authentication System is now fully approved for UK Government use. Our customers and their clients will clearly benefit from a trusted and proven biometric fingerprint system”-  John Boorman Sales and Marketing Director at Genie

The AC5000 is an IP65 rated system that can detect “fake” fingerprints available in Black and White housings, and includes a customised LED display. Join us at the UK Security Expo (London Olympia, 30 Nov- 1 Dec, 2016) for live demonstrations on stand F20. Attendance is FREE.

DW Stadium_Wigan

Genie Heads To The North West Fire and Security Exhibition 2016

Genie will be returning to the North West Fire and Security Exhibition, offering a hands on experience of what we can offer.

The event will be taking place at the DW Stadium (South Stand Suite) in Wigan, on Wednesday 7th September, starting at 10am with a breakfast roll upon arrival. Along with presentations from industry experts, there will be a lunch buffet served at 1pm with a business card raffle you do not want to miss.

Be sure to visit Genie’s stand as we’ll be showcasing products from our latest Wish IP range which is integrated with immix. We are most excited about showcasing our latest solution designed for rapid deployment in remote locations; the Eco Mobile Surveillance Trailer.

Eco Mobile Surveillance Trailer

We’ll also have our AC5000 : Virdi Fingerprint Terminal. With fake fingerprint detection, touch keyboard and multi-language settings.

For more information and to register your attendance head to the AIM Monitoring website.

Wildlife Monitoring Header

Wildlife Monitoring Case Study

Wildlife monitoring is an essential part for keeping track of animal movement patterns, habitat utilisation, breeding programmes and more. Mainly used by large organisations such as animal trusts and wildlife parks, there is a steady rise in the use of CCTV technology for wildlife monitoring. We were approached by photographer and author of CCTV for Wildlife Monitoring, Susan Young, to assist with her research for Natural England Reserves and, Woodland Trust Devon.


The Challenge

Wildlife monitoring is traditionally carried out using what are known as a Trail Cameras. Often the disadvantages of using these Trail Cameras would be the night time images, with poor detail and clarity due to the lack of IR. The user often ends up having to compromise the picture quality for its portable feature. In hindsight it is suitable for portable monitoring for short periods, but CCTV cameras are professional equipment designed to provide high quality images in various environments.

Susan was challenged with developing a portable solution for her wildlife research. Requiring reliable robust equipment that will survive in harsh environments but have a low power consumption. As the required power was coming from batteries, a low total current draw was essential to keep down the cost and weight of the batteries.

For wildlife recording it is essential to have: scheduled recording which can be implemented together with motion-detection recording; a pre-record feature so that valuable footage is not lost while the system is triggered by motion (a major problem with trail cameras). Adjustable motion recording sensitivity, the ability to record to an SD card as well as reliable operation from a battery are additional valuable feature. The proposed system would need to be able to operate in harsh environments over a long period of time.


Genie supplied Susan Young with the Compact SD-DVR single channel Digital Video Recorder which provides high resolution video and audio recording. The DVRs were configured for motion triggered recording with prerecording enabled to ensure that the desired footage was captured. As both the DVR and cameras are low voltage with very low current draw it as an ideal solution for the need of a battery powered system. In conjunction to the DVR’s Susan used a Genie High resolution low voltage IP67 rated camera to capture the required footage in both day and night time.

With the combination of our ZD2812IR/ACW  analogue camera’ power consumption, quality images, noise reduction, smart IR and other advanced features were also valuable. The system coped well with the UK weather and conditions. Working almost continuously from Spring to Autumn on the first deployment and then from Spring to Summer the following year.  The system proved to be most useful when capturing fast moving wildlife (such as bats seen in the video below), reducing the loss of motion.

The benefit of having in-motion recording and scheduled recording is to maximize on recording capacity and power efficiency as the system is only recording when there is motion or as per schedule.

Young solved the weather problem by putting the DVR and battery in a waterproof case. The box was securely chained to a tree and covered with camouflage, keeping it hidden and secure within a public park.


Susan successfully completed her research for her book, CCTV for Wildlife Monitoring. Concluding the many advantages of CCTV. Primarily being that there’s a higher quality imagery compared to the traditional remote camera setup.

Her work has not only highlighted the limitless scale of CCTV used to capture animals in their habitats but, its availability to all wildlife enthusiasts whether they’re an amateur, ecologist or animal conservation institution.




“The Genie SD-DVR is the only recorder in its class that I have found that has the required features at a reasonable cost.”

“Few suppliers seem willing to give after-sales support. Genie was recommended to me as a manufacturer of good products, and the fact that the company was in the UK and approachable was a great plus in its favour.”

–Susan Young (Photographer and Author)-

For further information on CCTV for Wildlife Monitoring visit Susan Young’s book of the same name is available for purchase now.


Download Wildlife Monitoring Case Study PDF



Biomerge PX2 – Partner Programme

With Genie’s newest release of Biomerge-PX2, the Paxton Technology partner approved interface utility software for Genie’s Virdi range of Biometric Readers and Paxton’s Net2 controller we announce further details of the products features and benefits.

With the release of this new product, Genie is introducing an obligatory Biomerge-PX2 training session for Integrators, which in turn will provide interested clients with a list of approved Integrators across the UK and Europe.

The Biomerge-PX2 training will ensure that our Integrators are fully conversant with the Integration requirements for Paxton’s Net2, Biometric software / hardware knowledge, Fingerprint enrolment, Time and Attendance and the Biomerge utility software usage. These are the Key factors within the training programme that are required for a fluid integration process.

The training programme will ensure fluent end user installation processes of Biomerge software, Virdi and Paxton Net2 programming required for a seamless installation.Paxton Approved Integration Logo

Our Biomerge trained Integrators will benefit further by receiving a personal Training certificate, as well as being included on the “Approved Biomerge-PX2 Integrator Partner list” on Genie’s website, together with their company’s address, contact details.

“Take Part and achieve Partner status” John L Boorman – Sales & Marketing Director

To take part in forthcoming Biomerge-PX2 training sessions the customer will be required to cover the attendance of engineers with a Purchase Order to the value of £150 per engineer. The Purchase order will only be invoiced in case of participants not arriving on the day of the training. A cancellation period of 3 days prior to the training day will be honoured.

We appreciate customer’s time and value of sending engineers for training and hope that our customers also appreciate our committing valuable training programmes being implemented for the benefit of all parties.


Biomerge PX2 Training

Register your interest for a Biomerge-PX2 training session.