Genie takes its corporate responsibility seriously across all aspects of our business, as an employer, manufacturer, designer and consumer. Operating in a responsible manner is an important discipline for Genie to understand, monitor and manage our social, environmental and economic impact on an ever changing world.

Our aim is to contribute through our actions to continued and sustainable community development.

Corporate Social Responsibility is concentrated in the following key areas of our business.

The Workplace

Our capability to bring world-class products to market depends upon a workforce that is content, skilled and engaged with our customers. We are focused on creating a workplace where people feel supported, able to further their abilities and fully comprehend our purpose and vision.

Genie is dedicated in ensuring that business is carried out to stringent professional and ethical standards, and clearly defines what our organisation represents to bring employees together under a clear and common purpose. We also:

  • Have a diversity and equality policy covering all present and future employees.
  • Unambiguous and fair terms of employment.
  • Provide the resources for continual staff education and development.
  • Provide free welfare facilities for all staff.

Health & Safety

Providing a safe workplace is a legal requirement, but is also an important and fundamental factor in staff engagement. Our Health & Safety Policy supports and promotes a culture whereby all employees are encouraged to raise any concerns they may have about workplace safety, and our workplace activities.

External Health & Safety consultants inspect the workplace at regular intervals, recommend and manage all issues arising, in liaison with our Health & Safety best practice team. Cooperation between our best practice team and employees has embedded health and safety management into all our business processes.


Everything Genie does is geared toward the delivery of first class products and the best possible service levels to our customers. Continual customer satisfaction is critical to our business success and longevity.

The ethos of our company is to develop a passion for excellence in all our employees, and where everyone takes pride in our ability to bring innovative solutions to market. By listening to, and understanding the needs of, our customers we aim to build long lasting relationships with our customers and resolve any issues which may arise in an efficient and timely

Our contracts are produced in plain English, with clearly set out terms and objectives, and include safeguards to prevent unfair business practices. Customer complaints are registered, investigated and sorted out according to our published standards of service.

Supply Chain

We request all Genie suppliers to commit to our values and ethics, especially in respect of our Diversity and Equality Policy, and work with us to reduce the environmental impact of our products.

Suppliers, and their places of work, are regularly inspected to ensure they operate in an ethical way, treat their employees in a fair and reasonable manner and pay their employees a living wage.

The supply chain is important and we are committed to the development of lasting relationships based on mutual trust and respect.


Genie is proud of its commitment to the communities in which we operate, and aim to make a strong and sustainable impact.

We actively encourage our employees to fund raise for charitable organisations, and participate in voluntary programmes. This brings enormous benefits to the community at large and the employees. Genie has partnered, and is still involved in fund-raising for the Make-A-Wish Foundation which grants “wishes” to children with life threatening illnesses.

Other employee initiatives have raised funds for leading cancer charities and a local hospice. We feel it important to support the young people and disadvantaged in our local community by forming effective partnerships which make the best use of our employee’s skills.


Genie has developed an environmental programme to address and control our energy and water efficiency, as well as reducing waste. Our product portfolio is subject to continuous review to make sure all our manufacturing processes adhere to the elimination of polluting chemicals; in line with European legislation.

The company actively encourages recycling initiatives. Redundant products are disassembled and sent for recycling by accredited environmental agencies.

Our employees operate and manage a scheme whereby all office produced waste material is recycled by the local authority; fully supported by the management. The volume of non-recyclable materials is extremely low.

Through our environmental programme we are working toward achieving the ISO14001 standard, and our goal is to obtain certification in the second quarter of 2015.