Genie CCTV announces Domestic CCTV European Legislation

New Domestic CCTV Legislation for June 2015

“If your CCTV system covers, even partially, any areas beyond the boundaries of your property, such as neighbouring gardens or the street, then it will no longer be exempt from the Data Protection Act (DPA) under the domestic purposes exemption.”

CCTV systems filming even limited views of a public space are now required to be registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office and will be subject to a number of other requirements such as the use of specific signage. Owners must also be aware that if their system covers an area beyond their home’s boundary they will also be subject to many of the same requirements in terms of the protection and provision of data as larger organisations.

This does not mean that you are breaching the DPA, but it does mean that you are subject to it.

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A new CCTV code of practice has been published and lots of useful information (including the code) can be found by visiting the site for the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) or at

DIY SOS Post Image

Genie Donates CCTV Equipment to DIY SOS

Genie CCTV were very pleased to be able to donate a CCTV system included in a recent episode of DIY SOS. The family had a lot of concern for their young son who suffers from epilepsy – especially at night time, so they needed to be able to monitor him. Communicate UK installed the system and programmed it so that the parents could view the live camera footage on TVs throughout the house. This helped give them a simple and fast way to check their son and gave peace of mind without disturbing their young boy. Genie Apps installed on their smart phones can give them further flexibility to check on their son safely and securely.


Genie and Micro-Vision Protect Superdry in London

Expanding security equipment supplier Genie CCTV Ltd, in conjunction with Gloucester based system integrator Micro-Vision Fire and Security Ltd, has supplied and installed a comprehensive CCTV surveillance system for SuperGroup Plc’s flagship Superdry store in London’s Regent Street.

SuperGroup, owner of Superdry and one of the country’s fastest growing international branded clothing companies, operates a multi-channel business through a combination of standalone stores, concessions, e-Commerce and its UK and International Wholesale operations.

As part of an overall project to upgrade all Superdry stores, the system for Regent Street consists of 28 Genie ASD fully functional dome cameras, 62 Genie MD83SPX Pixim internal Cameras, nine Genie Micro Cannon Cameras and two Genie Vandal Resistant Domes. The system is controlled via eight Genie GDVRH-616 DVRs and displayed on Genie LM-19PRO/LED monitors.

Provision, Micro-Vision’s preferred supplier, worked with Genie to design a system which best suited the store environment and system requisites. The store has many varying lighting levels including indoor illumination and external sunlight streaming through windows and doors. Genie’s Pixim Seawolf Internal dome cameras offer unrivalled WDR functionality and have proved more than capable of coping with these different lighting conditions.

Kevin Powis-Jones, Managing Director of Micro-Vision Fire and Security Ltd, is delighted with the results and comments: ‘It was so important that we properly addressed all of Superdry’s requirements for this prestigious site. The Genie Pixim Internal Dome cameras perform extremely well in very tough lighting conditions, which in turn means our client is more than satisfied.’