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The Old Tollgate Hotel – West Sussex

Based in Steyning, West Sussex, and just 10 miles north of Brighton, the Best Western Plus Old Tollgate Hotel is one of the finest hotels within the area.

The Challenge  

Due to the current circumstance of COVID-19, the hotel needed to put procedures in place in order to re-open their doors. With many other measures in place such as safety screens, free-flowing hand sanitiser, waiting staff wearing masks and gloves when serving in the lounge and carvery, the hotel needed and wanted one more solution to help in creating a safe and secure environment for everyone.

The Solution

With their safety measures already in place, Genie were contacted to assist the hotel with another solution. We recommended our WIP2FRTMTP face recognition, temperature check and face mask detection terminal. This addition to the hotel has been a key part in their strategy and demonstrates their commitment to both staff and customers safety. Although not utilising the on-board facial recognition for secure access, the terminal enables the hotel to scan people when entering to check their temperature with or without a face mask.

The Result

“We are thrilled that the terminal has helped the hotel re-open their doors safely and adds that extra peace of mind”.

Steve Baker (National Sales Manager at Genie)

“The addition of Genie’s temperature sensor has been a key part of our strategy and demonstrates the hotel’s commitment to people’s safety. It has been surprisingly popular with guests of all ages too. I think knowing that everyone who enters the hotel has been scanned for temperature is a great reassurance to us all and it changes the atmosphere in the hotel because everyone has confidence that they’re sharing the space with people who are showing no signs or symptoms of COVID. The scanner is definitely a favourite and we’re very pleased to have it here”.

Maggie Parsons (Director at Old Tollgate Hotel)

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Adrian Flux Entrance

Adrian Flux

Adrian Flux is one of the largest insurance brokers in the UK, based in a historic mansion 6 miles east of King’s Lynn in Norfolk the company employs around 1,000 staff members and has around 600,000 policy holders as of 2016.  Parent organisations of Adrian Flux include Bikesure Insurance Services, Herts Insurance Consultants and Chartwell Insurance.

The Challenge  

Adrian Flux recently added an additional office as part of their operation expansion after outgrowing their current premises just outside Kings Lynn.  The company required a Paxton Net2 Access Control system for their new building. Operational continuity was important, as other offices across the country were using Paxton Net2 Access Control Systems.

The Solution

During the tendering process many installation companies offered competitive quotes to install Paxton Net2 as requested. After presenting Genie’s  award winning AC5000SC fingerprint reader alongside the Paxton Net2 system, English Security secured the installation contract.

With the cost of tokens being substantial, together with the ability to use biometric and proximity RFID – Genie’s Virdi AC5000SC meant that the proposed solution from English Security was not only cost effective in the long term but also extremely versatile.

This appealed to Adrian Flux, as not only were they getting an advanced system, but they were also  saving considerably in the long-term whilst keeping their Paxton Net2 system as originally requested.

The AC5000SC is a “Paxton Approved Integrated” fingerprint terminal, which also offers RF-ID Card and Pin code as access methods.Further more the AC5000SC is a CPNI approved terminal for government use, assuring the customer that they are investing

English Security is an independent company established since 1998, who have a team of multi disciplined engineers offering installation, service and maintenance of Alarms, Closed Circuit TV, Access Control, Door Entry, Fire Alarms and Safety Signs.

As part of the installation, English Security went the extra mile by sourcing a custom made backing plate from a company called Rocard Ltd, which draws attention to the reader and doorbell whilst having the Adrian Flux graphics laser etched, giving it  a real professional touch.

The Result

I’ve found the system to be flexible and reliable, allowing us a multitude of entry options, which enables us to select what suits the given situation best. The front end software makes it easy to change user rights and keep track of who is entering the building and when.”

Robert Balls (Adrian Flux)

“When approached by Adrian Flux they seemed keen to have the continuity with their other sites and have a Paxton Net2 system. We offered Net2 of course but provided the option of a Genie AC5000SC because it offers Paxton compatibility and so much more. I was confidently able to recommend the AC5000SC as an established tried and tested product while having the added assurance of the CPNI approval. We finished off the installation with a custom made backing plate from Rocard to frame the product and integrate the Adrian Flux branding.

Charles English (English Security)

Adrian Flux Mansion Adrian Flux Entrance  AC5000 with Back Plate

Spire Healthcare

Spire Healthcare

Situated a few miles south of Birmingham City Centre, Spire Parkway Hospital is part of the second largest private healthcare service in the UK. Offering everything from health screening and checks to acute and minor surgery through to professional recovery and rehabilitation.

The Challenge

Recently Spire Parkway Hospital wanted to upgrade their existing Analogue System to a more modern future proof security surveillance system. The existing cameras offered poor picture quality and security staff wanted to be able to identify individuals and vehicles entering and leaving the premises.

Furthermore being part of a large healthcare provider with 38 private hospitals and ten clinics across the UK, the surveillance solution needed to be networked with other sites making the IP solution ideal.


Genie CCTV reviewed the hospitals requirements and in conjunction with their local installer Unison Integrated Technology, Genie’s Wish IP System composed of 9 Varifocal Lens External Bullet cameras, 4 Varifocal Lens Vandal Dome Cameras and a 32 Channel NVR was proposed.

The Wish IP range is Genie’s latest IP network based CCTV solution providing high quality surveillance images using sophisticated network protocols. Catering for different requirements the Wish IP range of Cameras are offered in various form factors and range between 1.3 megapixel to 3 megapixel.

All Genie Wish IP cameras come with PoE and IR illuminators as standard, two essential features for today’s surveillance needs. Unison Integrated Technology in Birmingham, is West Midlands leading experts in electronic security systems. They design, supply and install security systems in the commercial and public sector.

The Result

“ We always recommend Genie systems to our customer as they are well known for their quality and reliability”

Unison Integrated Technology (Installer)

“We are delighted with the Genie Wish IP range and the picture quality it offers. Our security staff find it much easier to identify individuals and vehicles entering our premises .”

General Manager, Spire Healthcare Birmingham (End User)


Base Jump

Base Jump is the biggest trampoline park in the South East of England, offering over 35,000 square feet of fun with a capacity of up to 175 people. This new and unique trampoline park in Essex is designed to offer various activities ranging from standard jump sessions to fitness classes for children, teenagers and adults as well as catering for group parties and events.

The Challenge  

Usually, a CCTV surveillance system is used to provide a layer of security, however Base Jump have taken the use of CCTV a step further. As part of the initial planning to build the ultimate trampoline park, Base Jump required a High Definition surveillance system at every trampoline play area to monitor, record and access footage of any incidents that may occur.

Similar to other sports, jumping on trampolines can be dangerous and can result in sporting injuries. Although the trampoline park employs staff at each play area to supervise and ensure customers watch a safety video, injuries can still take place. The aim of the CCTV system is to record such incidents and enable Base Jump to review the footage and determine the cause of the injury and to see how such injury can be prevented in the future.

As part of their health and safety process, Base Jump ensures that all customer injuries are recorded and depending on the severity of the injury, a recorded footage is usually downloaded and kept on file. This helps Base Jump in both reducing liability against potential legal claims but most importantly it helps them to greatly reduce their insurance premium.

The requirement was a CCTV system that covered 35,000 square feet of footprint but also offered High Definition Imaging.

The Solution

As part of their health and safety process, Base Jump ensures that all customer injuries are recorded and depending on the severity of the injury, a recorded footage is usually downloaded and kept on file. This helps Base Jump in both reducing liability against potential legal claims but most importantly it helps them to greatly reduce their insurance premium.

Scott Francis Managing Director at AVS reviewed Base Jump’s requirements and based on the size of the project, AVS proposed and recommended Genie’s latest WISH IP range.

The WISH IP range is a series of IP cameras providing high quality full 1080p HD surveillance images using sophisticated network protocols. Catering for different requirements, the WISH IP series of cameras are offered in various forms and range between 1.3 megapixel to 3 megapixel.

The IP Network cameras are ideal because they offer High Definition imaging which was a prime requirement for Base Jump but they also allow scalability if future cameras are added to the network.  The WISH IP 3 megapixel range also provided real-time Full HD recording which was essential  for the client, as they are using the recorded footage to analyse incidents and cannot afford to have any lag in the recording.

Furthermore, Genie’s user-friendly NVMS1000 software is also ideal for the client’s requirements as the software allows staff to retrieve any footage easily whenever its required.

AVS reviewed the trampoline site design plan with Genie and proposed Base Jump with 64 3 megapixel IP cameras consisting of Genie’s latest Auto Focus bullet, Vandal and Eyeball cameras. To support this complex system, two 32 channel NVR’s with 96TB storage capacity were required. Using the NVMS1000 software meant the client only required two monitors to display all 64 cameras.

The Result

“We are really impressed with the High Definition images from the Genie IP network cameras and user-friendly software. We have now decided to display CCTV footage from the play area onto a big screen near the café so that parents can enjoy a coffee and keep an eye on their children playing.”
Base Jump (Owners)

“Using Genie’s latest WISH IP Auto Focus cameras was a great help. Having the benefit of not focusing the camera manually made a significant difference in the installation time and helped us meet Base Jump’s launch deadline.”
Scott Francis (AVS Managing Director)

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NHS East London

NHS Mental Health Services- East London

East London based NHS Mental Healthcare Centre well known for their in-patient and community services recently upgrade their surveillance system to HD Broadcast quality whilst keeping within  NHS Budgets.

The Challenge

In early August 2015 the Mental Health Centre decided it needed to replace its current outdated analogue CCTV system inside the wards. With the majority of the cameras starting to fail the centre knew it couldn’t afford to have faulty non-working cameras, especially in the sensitive environment they operate in where staff and patient safety is highly important.

Furthermore being funded by the NHS meant the mental health centre was working under strict budget and required a cost-effective solution.


Genie CCTV reviewed the centres requirements and in conjunction with their local installer Jigsaw Security Solutions, Genie’s latest HD-SDI Dome Cameras were proposed. With the  centre looking for a cost-effective solution, it allowed the centre to keep their existing coax (RG59) cabling infrastructure and only replace the cameras and recorders saving them a huge amount on potential re-wring costs.

Genie’s HD-SDI Range of Bullet and Dome cameras are well known for their broadcast quality image and offer Full HD 1080p Resolution.

The Result

“High Definition images made it really easy to identify individuals and provide safety to patients and staff ”

Site Security Manager

“The Centre  are really impressed by the high definition image quality and reliability of Genie’s HD-SDI system.”

Wade (Jigsaw Security Solutions)

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NHS Healthcare – Northern Devon

Based in Devon, Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust is one of the healthcare providers in the district offering a varied health care portfolio and specialising in community care. The current site comprises of a 300-bed ward in Barnstaple with the Trust looking at expanding its facilities in order to offer the highest possible care available to its patients.

The Challenge

In early 2013 the Hospital Facilities Management Team decided to review the access control system as the current system was ageing and becoming unreliable. Furthermore maintaining the current system using the maintenance team along with specialist contract support was proving to be inefficient and costly.

As the existing system was outdated with limited capacity to meet the healthcare’s plans for expansion, the management team decided to seek specialist advice from Challenge Alarm Systems for a robust and secure access control system that could accommodate the expansion plans.

The Solution

Challenge Alarm Services Ltd liaised with Genie on Northern Devon Healthcare Trust’s behalf and reviewed the Trusts requirements. The proposal was to use Genie’s Sphinx Door Access Control Panels and Proximity Readers. These systems are known for their reliability, robustness and their slim attractive design making it the ideal product for this project.

The Result

Since the Install Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust have been very pleased with the systems and the ability to monitor access and egress and improve patient safety by providing a safer and secure environment whilst monitoring staff activity.

“We were all very pleased with the equipment flexibility that was offered to meet the current needs and future expandability.”
Kevin Ward- Deputy Head of Estates

“What started as a relatively small system replacement of 10 controllers has now expanded to 48 controllers with main server and client PC and integration into the hospital staff car parking barriers.  The hospital Estates department now administer the day to day card user requests with ease, something that they couldn’t do with their previous system.The Genie equipment has now also  been rolled out across the community hospitals.”
Justin Dennis- Challenge Alarm Services