Adrian Flux Entrance

Adrian Flux Case Study (Access Control)

Adrian Flux Mansion

Adrian Flux, East Winch Premises, Norfolk

Adrian Flux is one of the largest insurance brokers in the UK, based in a historic mansion 6 miles east of King’s Lynn in Norfolk the company employs around 1,000 staff members and has around 600,000 policy holders as of 2016.  Parent organisations of Adrian Flux include Bikesure Insurance Services, Herts Insurance Consultants and Chartwell Insurance.


The Challenge  

Adrian Flux recently added an additional office as part of their operation expansion after outgrowing their current premises just outside Kings Lynn.  The company required a Paxton Net2 Access Control system for their new building. Operational continuity was important, as other offices across the country were using Paxton Net2 Access Control Systems.

AC5000SC with Hand, CPNI and Paxton Logo (High Resolution with Genie Logo)

AC5000 Biometric Terminal

The Solution

During the tendering process many installation companies offered competitive quotes to install Paxton Net2 as requested. After presenting Genie’s  award winning AC5000 fingerprint reader alongside the Paxton Net2 system, English Security secured the installation contract.

With the cost of tokens being substantial, together with the ability to use biometric and proximity RFID – Genie’s Virdi AC5000 meant that the proposed solution from English Security was not only cost effective in the long term but also extremely versatile.

This appealed to Adrian Flux, as not only were they getting an advanced system, but they were also  saving considerably in the long-term whilst keeping their Paxton Net2 system as originally requested.

The AC5000 is a “Paxton Approved Integrated” fingerprint terminal, which also offers RF-ID Card and Pin code as access methods.Further more the AC5000 is a CPNI approved terminal for government use, assuring the customer that they are investing

AC5000 with Back Plate

Custom Back Plating

English Security is an independent company established since 1998, who have a team of multi disciplined engineers offering installation, service and maintenance of Alarms, Closed Circuit TV, Access Control, Door Entry, Fire Alarms and Safety Signs.

As part of the installation, English Security went the extra mile by sourcing a custom made backing plate from a company called Rocard Ltd, which draws attention to the reader and doorbell whilst having the Adrian Flux graphics laser etched, giving it  a real professional touch.

The Result

I’ve found the system to be flexible and reliable, allowing us a multitude of entry options, which enables us to select what suits the given situation best. The front end software makes it easy to change user rights and keep track of who is entering the building and when.”

-Robert Balls (Adrian Flux)-

“When approached by Adrian Flux they seemed keen to have the continuity with their other sites and have a Paxton Net2 system. We offered Net2 of course but provided the option of a Genie AC5000 because it offers Paxton compatibility and so much more. I was confidently able to recommend the AC5000 as an established tried and tested product while having the added assurance of the CPNI approval. We finished off the installation with a custom made backing plate from Rocard to frame the product and integrate the Adrian Flux branding.

-Charles English (English Security)-

Wildlife Monitoring Header

Wildlife Monitoring Case Study

Wildlife monitoring is an essential part for keeping track of animal movement patterns, habitat utilisation, breeding programmes and more. Mainly used by large organisations such as animal trusts and wildlife parks, there is a steady rise in the use of CCTV technology for wildlife monitoring. We were approached by photographer and author of CCTV for Wildlife Monitoring, Susan Young, to assist with her research for Natural England Reserves and, Woodland Trust Devon.


The Challenge

Wildlife monitoring is traditionally carried out using what are known as a Trail Cameras. Often the disadvantages of using these Trail Cameras would be the night time images, with poor detail and clarity due to the lack of IR. The user often ends up having to compromise the picture quality for its portable feature. In hindsight it is suitable for portable monitoring for short periods, but CCTV cameras are professional equipment designed to provide high quality images in various environments.

Susan was challenged with developing a portable solution for her wildlife research. Requiring reliable robust equipment that will survive in harsh environments but have a low power consumption. As the required power was coming from batteries, a low total current draw was essential to keep down the cost and weight of the batteries.

For wildlife recording it is essential to have: scheduled recording which can be implemented together with motion-detection recording; a pre-record feature so that valuable footage is not lost while the system is triggered by motion (a major problem with trail cameras). Adjustable motion recording sensitivity, the ability to record to an SD card as well as reliable operation from a battery are additional valuable feature. The proposed system would need to be able to operate in harsh environments over a long period of time.


Genie supplied Susan Young with the Compact SD-DVR single channel Digital Video Recorder which provides high resolution video and audio recording. The DVRs were configured for motion triggered recording with prerecording enabled to ensure that the desired footage was captured. As both the DVR and cameras are low voltage with very low current draw it as an ideal solution for the need of a battery powered system. In conjunction to the DVR’s Susan used a Genie High resolution low voltage IP67 rated camera to capture the required footage in both day and night time.

With the combination of our ZD2812IR/ACW  analogue camera’ power consumption, quality images, noise reduction, smart IR and other advanced features were also valuable. The system coped well with the UK weather and conditions. Working almost continuously from Spring to Autumn on the first deployment and then from Spring to Summer the following year.  The system proved to be most useful when capturing fast moving wildlife (such as bats seen in the video below), reducing the loss of motion.

The benefit of having in-motion recording and scheduled recording is to maximize on recording capacity and power efficiency as the system is only recording when there is motion or as per schedule.

Young solved the weather problem by putting the DVR and battery in a waterproof case. The box was securely chained to a tree and covered with camouflage, keeping it hidden and secure within a public park.


Susan successfully completed her research for her book, CCTV for Wildlife Monitoring. Concluding the many advantages of CCTV. Primarily being that there’s a higher quality imagery compared to the traditional remote camera setup.

Her work has not only highlighted the limitless scale of CCTV used to capture animals in their habitats but, its availability to all wildlife enthusiasts whether they’re an amateur, ecologist or animal conservation institution.




“The Genie SD-DVR is the only recorder in its class that I have found that has the required features at a reasonable cost.”

“Few suppliers seem willing to give after-sales support. Genie was recommended to me as a manufacturer of good products, and the fact that the company was in the UK and approachable was a great plus in its favour.”

–Susan Young (Photographer and Author)-

For further information on CCTV for Wildlife Monitoring visit Susan Young’s book of the same name is available for purchase now.


Download Wildlife Monitoring Case Study PDF


Spire Healthcare

Spire Healthcare Case Study

Situated a few miles south of Birmingham City Centre, Spire Parkway Hospital is part of the second largest private healthcare service in the UK. Offering everything from health screening and checks, to acute and minor surgery through to professional recovery and rehabilitation.

The Challenge

Recently Spire Parkway Hospital wanted to upgrade their existing Analogue System to a more modern future proof security surveillance system. The existing cameras offered poor picture quality and security staff wanted to be able to identify individuals and vehicles entering and leaving the premises.

Furthermore being part of a large healthcare provider with 38 private hospitals and ten clinics across the UK, the surveillance solution needed to be networked with other sites making the IP solution ideal.


Genie CCTV reviewed the hospitals requirements and in conjunction with their local installer Unison Integrated Technology, Genie’s Wish IP System composed of 9 Varifocal Lens External Bullet cameras (WIP2BV), 4 Varifocal Lens Vandal Dome Cameras (WIP2VDV) and a 32 Channel NVR (WNVR832P) was proposed.


WIP2BV Varifocal Lens External Bullet cameras

The Wish IP range is Genie’s latest IP network based CCTV solution providing high quality surveillance images using sophisticated network protocols. Catering for different requirements the Wish IP range of Cameras are offered in various form factors and range between 1.3 megapixel to 3 megapixel.

All Genie Wish IP cameras come with PoE and IR illuminators as standard, two essential features for today’s surveillance needs. Unison Integrated Technology in Birmingham, is West Midlands leading experts in electronic security systems. They design, supply and install security systems in the commercial and public sector.

The Result

“ We always recommend Genie CCTV systems to our customer as they are well known for their quality and reliability”

Unison Integrated Technology (Installer)

“We are delighted with the Genie Wish IP range and the picture quality it offers. Our security staff find it much easier to identify individuals and vehicles entering our premises .”

General Manager, Spire Healthcare Birmingham (End User)


Base Jump Case Study


Genie Wish IP cameras at the building entrance.

Base Jump is the biggest trampoline park in the South East of England, offering over 35,000 square feet of fun with a capacity of up to 175 people. This new and unique trampoline park in Essex is designed to offer various activities ranging from standard jump sessions to fitness classes for children, teenagers and adults as well as catering for group parties and events.

The Challenge  

Usually, a CCTV surveillance system is used to provide a layer of security, however Base Jump have taken the use of CCTV a step further. As part of the initial planning to build the ultimate trampoline park, Base Jump required a High Definition surveillance system at every trampoline play area to monitor, record and access footage of any incidents that may occur.

Similar to other sports, jumping on trampolines can be dangerous and can result in sporting injuries. Although the trampoline park employs staff at each play area to supervise and ensure customers watch a safety video, injuries can still take place. The aim of the CCTV system is to record such incidents and enable Base Jump to review the footage and determine the cause of the injury and to see how such injury can be prevented in the future.

As part of their health and safety process, Base Jump ensures that all customer injuries are recorded and depending on the severity of the injury, a recorded footage is usually downloaded and kept on file. This helps Base Jump in both reducing liability against potential legal claims but most importantly it helps them to greatly reduce their insurance premium.

The requirement was a CCTV system that covered 35,000 square feet of footprint but also offered High Definition Imaging.

The Solution

As part of their health and safety process, Base Jump ensures that all customer injuries are recorded and depending on the severity of the injury, a recorded footage is usually downloaded and kept on file. This helps Base Jump in both reducing liability against potential legal claims but most importantly it helps them to greatly reduce their insurance premium.

Scott Francis Managing Director at AVS reviewed Base Jump’s requirements and based on the size of the project, AVS proposed and recommended Genie’s latest WISH IP range.


A Genie Wish IP Eyeball HD camera installed near the park exit.

The WISH IP range is a series of IP cameras providing high quality full 1080p HD surveillance images using sophisticated network protocols. Catering for different requirements, the WISH IP series of cameras are offered in various forms and range between 1.3 megapixel to 3 megapixel.

The IP Network cameras are ideal because they offer High Definition imaging which was a prime requirement for Base Jump but they also allow scalability if future cameras are added to the network.  The WISH IP 3 megapixel range also provided real-time Full HD recording which was essential  for the client, as they are using the recorded footage to analyse incidents and cannot afford to have any lag in the recording.

Furthermore, Genie’s user-friendly NVMS1000 software is also ideal for the client’s requirements as the software allows staff to retrieve any footage easily whenever its required.

DSC_0552 (Red Edit)

Highlighted in red are the Genie Wish IP 3MP Auto Focus Bullet Cameras covering each play area.

AVS reviewed the trampoline site design plan with Genie and proposed Base Jump with 64 3 megapixel IP cameras consisting of Genie’s latest Auto Focus bullet (WIP3BVAF), Vandal (WIP3VDV) and Eyeball (WIP3EBV) cameras. To support this complex system, two 32 channel NVR’s (WNVR832P) with 96TB storage capacity were required. Using the NVMS1000 software meant the client only required two monitors to display all 64 cameras.



The Result


All 64 HD cameras are displayed on two monitor screens.

“We are really impressed with the High Definition images from the Genie IP network cameras and user-friendly software. We have now decided to display CCTV footage from the play area onto a big screen near the café so that parents can enjoy a coffee and keep an eye on their children playing.”
-Base Jump (Owners)-

“Using Genie’s latest WISH IP Auto Focus 3MP cameras was a great help. Having the benefit of not focusing the camera manually made a significant difference in the installation time and helped us meet Base Jump’s launch deadline.”
-Scott Francis (AVS Managing Director)-

NHS East London

NHS Mental Health Services- East London

East London based NHS Mental Healthcare Centre well known for their in-patient and community services recently upgrade their surveillance system to HD Broadcast quality whilst keeping within  NHS Budgets.  .

The Challenge

In early August 2015 the Mental Health Centre decided it needed to replace its current outdated analogue CCTV system inside the wards. With the majority of the cameras starting to fail the centre knew it couldn’t afford to have faulty non-working cameras, especially in the sensitive environment they operate in where staff and patient safety is highly important.

Furthermore being funded by the NHS meant the mental health centre was working under strict budget and required a cost-effective solution.


Genie CCTV reviewed the centres requirements and in conjunction with their local installer Jigsaw Security Solutions, Genie’s latest HD-SDI Dome Cameras were proposed. With the  centre looking for a cost-effective solution, it allowed the centre to keep their existing coax (RG59) cabling infrastructure and only replace the cameras and recorders saving them a huge amount on potential re-wring costs.

Genie’s HD-SDI Range of Bullet and Dome cameras are well known for their broadcast quality image and offer Full HD 1080p Resolution.

The Result

“High Definition images made it really easy to identify individuals and provide safety to patients and staff ”

Site Security Manager

“The Centre  are really impressed by the high definition image quality and reliability of Genie’s HD-SDI system.”

Wade (Jigsaw Security Solutions)

Northern Devon Healthcare NHS

Based in Devon, Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust is one of the healthcare providers in the district offering a varied health care portfolio and specialising in community care. The current site comprises of a 300-bed ward in Barnstaple with the Trust looking at expanding its facilities in order to offer the highest possible care available to its patients.

The Challenge

In early 2013 the Hospital Facilities Management Team decided to review the access control system as the current system was ageing and becoming unreliable. Furthermore maintaining the current system using the maintenance team along with specialist contract support was proving to be inefficient and costly.

As the existing system was outdated with limited capacity to meet the healthcare’s plans for expansion, the management team decided to seek specialist advice from Challenge Alarm Systems for a robust and secure access control system that could accommodate the expansion plans.


Installed Genie Proximity Reader at the entrance

The Solution

Challenge Alarm Services Ltd liaised with Genie on Northern Devon Healthcare Trust’s behalf and reviewed the Trusts requirements. The proposal was to use Genie’s Sphinx Door Access Control Panels and Proximity Readers. These systems are known for their reliability, robustness and their slim attractive design making it the ideal product for this project.


The Result

Since the Install Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust have been very pleased with the systems and the ability to monitor access and egress and improve patient safety by providing a safer and secure environment whilst monitoring staff activity.

“We were all very pleased with the equipment flexibility that was offered to meet the current needs and future expandability.”
Kevin Ward- Deputy Head of Estates

“What started as a relatively small system replacement of 10 controllers has now expanded to 48 controllers with main server and client PC and integration into the hospital staff car parking barriers.  The hospital Estates department now administer the day to day card user requests with ease, something that they couldn’t do with their previous system.The Genie equipment has now also  been rolled out across the community hospitals.”
Justin Dennis- Challenge Alarm Services

High Value Client

High Profile Client Case Study

A high profile client – with business interests in retail, hotels, property and transportation amongst others – wanted to replace an ageing analogue CCTV system at one of his residences in the UK.

The existing site consisted of 17 analogue PTZ cameras and multiple fixed cameras located around the vast acres of private land on the owner’s estate. All of the cameras were cabled with coax and twisted pair for data where required. The system provided D1 resolution images which were recorded on traditional analogue DVR’s and displayed real time on two 50” display monitors.

The main requirement by the estates head of security was to upgrade the system to improve the image quality to HD resolution while retaining the ability of real time live monitoring. This was imperative to the operation of the 24/7 manned control room as any incidents needed immediate reaction and resolution.

The Challenge

Having ascertained the client’s requirements, the challenge was to provide a state of the art HD surveillance system that would retain the most important requirement of real time HD video. This would enable the estate security to quickly and easily deal with any security threats.

Additionally, the system needed to be future proof, to enable the ability to upgrade the entire system in the advent in advances of video technology.

The Solution



Genie CCTV designed a system to offer 17x 1080P HD-SDI Dual head PTZ’s. These cameras offer real time (30FPS) 2 Megapixel resolution video in conjunction with a powerful IR array that automatically adapts for wide and narrow coverage. These were installed to provide a high level of coverage over the vast estate. The existing analogue static cameras were replaced with 1080p HD-SDI static bullet cameras with built in IR to provide upgraded coverage and resolution of the existing static positions.

All except for 3 local cameras were cabled with a new fibre backbone utilising Genie’s HD-SDI to Fibre converters. This allowed the system to transmit Real-time (30FPS) HD-SDI images back to the control room which terminates in a Genie Fibre to HD-SDI receiver rack. The native HD-SDI connected via RG6 coax to two 16 channel Genie HD-SDI Digital recorders (WHDSDI188). Each recorder offered 32TB HDD recording to enable the required footage retention period as well as user friendly search and replay functionality.

The video from all the cameras is displayed in real time via HDMI connections from the DVR’s on two new 50” professional display monitors. This in conjunction with two 21.5” desktop “control” monitors connected to a PC installed with Genie’s Central Monitoring Station software. This allows for the operators to monitor specific camera groups from both DVR’s over then LAN, while having overall control of the Estates camera system via eMap.


Diagram showing set-up

The Result

With the system installed and commissioned, reports from the Control room operators were not only positive but favorably approving of the new HD image quality, while retaining aspects of control that are were familiar and most importantly the entire system offering real time video monitoring.

The Head of Security commented:
“We are so impressed with the HD-SDI Full HD surveillance system and Genie’s involvement as a specifier and supplier from start to finish that we have nominated Genie CCTV Ltd to specify another 100+ camera system and again use the HD-SDI CCTV products.

John Boorman, Sales and Marketing Director at Genie CCTV Ltd commented – “Our suggestion on moving forward with HD-SDI was based on the customers’ requirements for real time video and Full HD 1080P image quality.  Our HD-SDI to Fibre transmission kit offered the future proofing the site required, all on a single mode fibre cable infrastructure. More importantly, this guaranteed the customers’ need for real time Full HD video surveillance. None of the cameras suffer from compression lag, meaning the camera records at the highest quality with the clearest of footage in accurate real time, day or night.”

“Should the customer wish to add any further cameras at any point throughout the site, it will now be very easy. And if they need to add IP video cameras, the Fibre transmission can easily handle Ethernet/Fibre transmission units as part of the existing installation”

“In all my years involved in the CCTV manufacturing industry, I have never seen a real time, full HD surveillance system work so efficiently. I am very honoured to have been chosen by the end user to provide our Genie solution and see it work so well”.

Morgado Plant Hire

Morgado Plant Hire Case Study

Based in Durban, South Africa,  ‘Morgado Plant Hire’ is one of the country’s largest plant hire company’s.  Operating for over 40 years, the company’s reputation for excellence has seen it grow from strength to strength, boasting over 220 machines and low beds in operation across Southern Africa

The Challenge

In early 2014, the company started noticing significant discrepancies in fuel consumption throughout the fleet

An internal investigation soon uncovered huge financial losses relating to the use of Diesel. It became apparent the amount of fuel being used could not have been consumed under the normal operational parameters of the plant it was intended for. Morgado Plant needed a system which would allow them to track and see what was going on with their fleet 24/7 and hopefully get to the root of the problem.







Pic-2-Morgado1The Solution

Morgado spoke to Eduardo at EBS – a local agent of Genie CCTV equipment who specified Mobile Genie DVRs (MVR 400) with miniature Vandal Dome cameras (GMC3CHIR) to carry out the covert surveillance. The Genie DVR provided detailed recording as well as accurate location coordinates on Google maps, while allowing live remote connectivity at all time

The Result

The findings matched initial suspicions; over 10 delivery drivers were convicted of fuel theft, and were subsequently fired and prosecuted. Genie equipment is now standard in every Morgado Plant Hire delivery vehicle,  supporting the organisation in tackling crime and monitoring driving standards thus saving the business any further financial loss.

“The reliability and robustness of the Genie equipment really impressed me. Taking into account the amount of money we were loosing in stolen fuel, the equipment has already payed for itself. We have now decided to implement Genie equipment on all our fleet vehicles to combat crime and create a safer working environment”- Neli Morgado D’Almeida- Member


Burrford University College Campus

The Challenge

Burrford University College has always been focused on providing a safe yet relaxed environment for all students and staff. They had a range of parking and security challenges on their main campus site including managing the limited parking resource for visitors and contractors in addition to the everyday users.

The estates team had the difficult task of providing adequate car park spaces for up to 900 vehicles on-site with 90 staff, 1250 students and a variety of delivery and contractor vehicles entering and leaving the site daily. Fortunately not all of the students arrived by car every day, but many seemed to have access to a family car which they would sometimes park in the main car park and apparently forget about it for up to a week at a time. The pressures increased when the conference center was booked which could see the arrival of an additional 100 paying delegates all expecting a place to park on tarmac rather than on a muddy verge.

Another serious concern was the increasing reports of anonymous white vans driving on-site and the occupants taking almost anything that could have a resale or scrap value. This had even included the disappearance of some new kitchen appliances that had been left outside for a few minutes whilst the old appliances were being uninstalled.

Burrford employed a paper permit system for staff and students but this was proving a real strain on their admin resources dealing with lost permits, vehicle changes, temporary vehicles and vehicles not displaying permits.

The staff car park never seemed to have any spaces after 8.30am and there were reports of cars that never appeared to leave the car park. A radical approach was needed…

The Solution

GANPRCAM/D2C (High Resolution)

GANPR- Genie ANPR Camera

The Head of Estates, the HR Manager and the Security Manager met several times to discuss and consider the available options and felt that ANPR technology might be able to provide an intelligent solution to the challenges along with barriers to control the three car parks: Staff /General Visitor, Student and the Conference Centre for both Staff and Delegates.

A Genie GANPR system was installed to manage User Categories for the three car parks along with tailored access times to restrict  unauthorised users. Genie GANPR Cameras  were installed near the barriers to each car park

and linked to the ANPR Server allowing access  to those with a ‘virtual permit’. Every student  and staff member was allocated a virtual permit   that is either permanent or had an expiry date and time.  This was also applied for Day Visitors  and Contractors where variable length permits  could be assigned as required. Visitor Groups or individuals can now be managed by either  assigning a per-defined category or an individual access period.

As well as managing the visitors Burrford permit on campus, the Genie GANPR systems can also alert security staff to unwanted visitors or any vehicle that is not identified as “known” or a pre-booked visitor or contractor. Creating a security alert (which can be sent via email to a smartphone) allows the security team to be more proactive and responsive by intercepting an incoming vehicle rather than dealing with the consequences of a car break-in or costly theft.

The Result

Tom Dalton, Security Manager at Burrford University College said”The new ANPR system has solved a lot of the parking issues that we had on site. Everyone knows what car park they are meant to use but now if they try and enter a different one they simply can’t access it. Congestion has been reduced as people are no longer driving around looking for a space and pre-booked conference delegates can now park with ease”

For more information on our latest range of products call us on +44 (0) 1707 330 541


Industrial Deployment Site

Industrial Site Deployment Case Study

The Challenge

Recently a large Petroleum company with numerous sites began their upgrade process to replace their current CCTV system. Being situated on an island in the Indian Ocean and exposed to tropical climate from humidity to rain , their current CCTV system couldn’t cope with the harsh environmental challenges being presented. The company was faced with constant system failures, a lack of technical support and high corrosion rate on the installed cameras.

The Solution

RPT36MIR Series : Raptor True Day/Night Vandal Resistant IR Ruggedised Marine PTZ Cameras

RPT36M Series : Raptor True Day/Night Vandal Resistant Ruggedised Marine PTZ Camera

Genie CCTV reviewed the companies requirements and in conjunction with their local installer proposed Genie’s Raptor Range of CCTV Cameras. Known for its reliability, ruggedness and marine grade camera housing finish, the Raptor PTZ (RPT36M) was the ideal solution to operate in demanding environment.

The Result

Genie equipment is now a standard part of every site, as the solution plays a key role in supporting the organisation mission of ensuring the security of petroleum supply to its customers.

“Reliability and functionality in a challenging environment are critical for our day to day operations. The Genie equipment has impressed us with its quality and robustness.” 

Company Chief Operating Officer-